How to Create an Eco-Friendly Backyard in Perth

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Creating an eco-friendly backyard is not only great for your wallet, but also the planet! So, it’s really a no brainer to try and incorporate some eco-friendly designs into your backyard renovation. No matter the size or budget, there are plenty of ways to make your backyard eco-friendlier, while also looking great and providing functionality. Most eco-friendly designs also have the added benefit of being low maintenance, by using the elements of the environment to best use.

Eco-Friendly Perth Backyard

Perth has a great climate, which can be utilised in your eco-friendly backyard design. We have put together some of our top tips for an eco-friendly Perth backyard here:

Native Plants

Kangaroo Paw Flower - eco friendly backyard perth

Due to our long hot summers, with low rainfall, it makes sense to choose native plants, which have adapted to grow in these conditions. This will save you water and big dollars on fertilisers and special soils. It will also save your sanity, as native Australian plants are low maintenance and don’t require a lot of care and up keep.

The key to successfully growing native plants, is matching the right plants with soil and other environmental factors unique to your garden. In Perth, a lot of our homes are built on old seaside dunes, meaning the soil is primarily sand based. In this case, it is best to choose the natives which grow in this soil type.

If you are looking for some native plant inspiration, we recommend heading to Kings Park and browsing the huge array of native plants which have been carefully grown throughout the park. There is also a Friends of Kings Park Plant Sale which they hold every year, allowing you to buy cuttings from the plants grown in Kings Park. Check out our tips for best plants to keep under your patio here.

Don’t forget to mulch your gardens, to help retain rainwater, cutting down the need for watering. Mulch is also great for adding extra nutrients to the soil and keeping down weeds. Check out the Water Corporation’s Waterwise tips for extra tips too.

Ditch the Lawn

While lush green lawns look great, it takes a lot of water and nutrients to keep them healthy. If you don’t absolutely have to have lawn, there are some great alternatives which look good, without the time and monetary expense. Some of these include:

Plant a Low Maintenance Ground Cover

thyme lawn - eco friendly backyard perth

There are loads of ground cover plants, which you can use as an alternative to grass. If you choose thyme or clover for example, you have the added advantage of these being drought resistant and low maintenance.

Artificial Grass

If you still want the aesthetic appeal of lawn, artificial turf can be a great, cost effective alternative. You can buy the turf at relatively low cost, and it is highly durable, outperforming natural grass. Artificial turf requires no watering, fertilising, mowing and other maintenance, so will save both your wallet and time.


Need to fill a space in the garden or under the patio? A firepit is a cool centrepiece that provides warmth, light and can also be used for cooking. Firepits create a great atmosphere in the backyard for entertaining in both summer and winter.

Firepit under patio eco friendly backyard perth

Solar Lights

Solar lights are great way to make your backyard lighting sustainable. They also add a great ambience to your outdoor space. LED Solar Lights a good way to light up walk ways and around garden borders. Fairy lights are also a cool way to add a magical ambience to the backyard during Christmas time or another celebration.

Patio Furniture

To help keep your backyard renovation eco-friendly, consider your patio furniture options carefully. Outdoor furniture comes in a wide range of materials, and this varies greatly in its sustainability.  You need to weight up the durability with the environmental impacts of the materials used. Recycled timber is a good option, as it is long lasting with a low environmental foot print. Aluminium furniture is also a good option, as it is resistant to rust and long lasting. Recycle waste whenever possible, and use materials which will give you longevity.

eco friendly pallet furniture eco friendly backyard perth

Install a Patio

The best way to enjoy your new eco-friendly backyard, is with a great patio. These days, there are a range of great eco-friendly patio options, including insulated roof sheeting and sustainable material options.

Great Aussie Patios have been building and installing patios in Perth for over 19 years. Speak to our team today, about incorporating a patio into your eco-friendly backyard design.

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