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Spring is upon us, it's at this time we start to come out of our winter hibernation open up the house and think about cleaning away the winter blues.

Winter brings not only the cold and wet days, it also brings along the wind and storms.

With that comes green waste in the form of twigs and leaves, rubbish like plastic bags or wrappers being blown about can be collected in and on your patio, especially in the gutters.

Patio furniture or the BBQ if left uncovered gets damp and the patio roof can start to show signs of mould due to the excessive moister. External accessories like fans, lights or heaters can also have a build up of grime.

All in all, it is not a very inviting place, so here are a few spring cleaning tips for your patio that are sure to have you ready to entertain.

Pick A Sunny Day

It goes without saying really that when you want to clean up outdoors choose a day or weekend when the spring sun is out in all its glory. Depending on the size of your patio you may need to move your furniture, BBQ etc out and that means it's not covered.

When cleaning your patio you will be also using water, so again a sunny day will help evaporate the excess water and dry out the patio along with your accessories.

A Blank Canvas

Clear out everything that’s not bolted down from under the patio, this gives you space and freedom to move about as you start to clean your patio area.

You may be using a ladder or a step so having the patio clear of any furniture will ensure you are not tripping over it and washing dirt back down onto any of the patio accessories.

Having removed what you can, brush off any dirt or dust build up on the posts, roof etc. Give the area a good sweep or if you have a garden blower/vacuum this will make this process even quicker.

A cobweb brush or a soft bristle broom is a great tool when cleaning the underside of the roof sheets along with any accessories such as fans or lights.

Wash & Dry

With the area now clear its time to give the patio a bit of a wash. If possible, check and clean out the patio gutters, along with the downpipes.

Handy tip: Have a bucket and place any debris or leaf build up into the bucket rather than back onto the ground you just cleaned.

Next, rinse off the patio with some warm soapy water or an environmentally safe cleaner. You can use a normal hose along with a sponge or cloth, this should do the trick and for the harder to reach area’s a soft bristle broom works a treat.

If you have a high-pressure cleaner, this will make quick work of the grime build up. If you have any electrical accessories make sure these are turned off and covered.

To dry, use an old towel to wipe off any excess water. Or make use of the outdoor blower again and literally blow the excess water out and wipe off with the towel.

Handy tip: A car chamois is fantastic, it sucks up water and is reusable when it gets to wet, just wring it out and go again.

The Accessories

With the patio all cleaned, its time to turn your attention to the accessories. With outdoor furniture, we recommend you follow the manufactures procedures.

A good brush off and wipe down is generally enough to wash away the winter blues and if it has been out in the sun while you have been busily cleaning the patio it should have dried out any of the dampness.

There is nothing more inviting than a clean BBQ especially when it has that stainless appearance. Hot soapy water will cut through the excess grease or grime build up on the outside and leave it looking like new.

Inside the BBQ will need a clean too, there is speciality wipes to clean the grease, or you can always use the Aussie beer and newspaper trick.

Looking Fresh

With everything clean and it all back under the patio once more why not freshen up the look. New cushions on the outdoor setting can brighten up the old look.

Fresh outdoor potted plants are everywhere in spring and can really make your patio area bright and add stunning colour.

Dressing up your patio with new lights or fairy lights is a very popular choice. Lighting has a way of producing the right mood for all occasions be it a dinner for 2 or for all your friends.


Grab a Six Pack of the best, a bottle of wine or a cuppa tea. Sit back, relax and enjoy your patio this spring.

Don’t have a patio then give our friendly design consultants a call on 94937115 or email us at and with our interest-free finance option you can have your new patio today.

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