Do I need shire approval for my patio?

It is a requirement that all new patio structures require approval from your local shire. If you don’t get shire approval you may get a please explain letter from your shire if they find out and they have the power to fine you. Also when you sell your home the new owners may not wish to proceed with the sale if the patio structures are not approved.

How Long will it take to get my patio built?

The approval process is different for all shires and is a frustration for all builders. A building license application can take anywhere up to 6 weeks to receive. The average waiting time for a council to grant a building license is 3 weeks. Once we have a building license, we will have your patio built within 4 weeks. So the average time from start to finish is 8 weeks.

Do you handle council applications?

Yes, we normally will apply for council approval on your behalf. We will submit all the required drawings, site plans and engineering requirements and ensure that the whole process is complete in the quickest possible time.

How close can my patio get to my fence line?

With a signed letter from the neighbour you can build up to 500mm of the fence line. You can also put the posts on the fence line with neighbour permission, but the roofline must not be closer that 500mm.

If you are unable to get neighbour permission, your patio generally must be 1000mm from the fence line.

If you have a parapet wall on the boundary (A brick wall higher than the patio roofline) you may be able to build up to the wall with a 0mm setback

How big can I make my patio?

There are many factors that affect this decision. All homes along with any additions are meant to comply with the Residential Design Codes of Western. This document details requirements and conditions that govern your patio addition which includes setbacks from fences, heights of the proposed structure and the maximum sizes possible depending on the size of the property. We are more than happy to advise you on whether your proposal will be acceptable and be compliant.

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